Jewelry Care

At futuretribe®, we craft our jewelry with high quality materials and we want to make sure that your jewelry lasts you a long time. We have prepared this guide to help you take care of your jewelry. 

futuretribe® jewelry is the last thing that you should put on before going out and the first thing that you should take-off when arriving home. Following this simple rule will grant longevity of the elegant and delicate pieces.



If your jewelry is too small when it comes to stretch bands, it won’t feel very comfortable. It is better to have a bracelet that is a little loose than too small. The size of our bracelets is adjustable according to your preferences.



We use a variety of metals in our jewelry from brass to karat plated gold and silver, gold filled and sterling silver. All plating on plated pieces will wear off over time and may also experience a patina due to oxidation. There are many factors that contribute to this, including improper cleaning & storage, moisture & humidity, and rubbing against hard surfaces. Karat plated gold as well as 0.925 and 0.999 silver designations are of higher quality and should last significantly longer than regular plating. Filled metals are the next closest thing to solid or pure metals and have a long lifespan. It is important to gently wipe your metal jewelry clean of oils, moisture and debris with a very soft cloth. This will keep it looking better.\